Advanced Skin Analysis

An in-depth discussion exploring your skin history, current skin concerns and inner health to shape your very own customised program and home prescription to reach your end goals. The use of Diagnostic machinery and imagery is involved to explore underlying conditions of the skin. This Analysis also includes an LED Light Therapy treatment. Learn More


Online Skin Consultation

Time poor or live interstate? We'd still love to help you reach your skin goals too! Our Online Consultation's can be done over the phone or via Skype to explore your skin concern's and provide real solutions. Learn More

Express Consultation

A brief discussion surrounding your current skin concerns and includes a tailored program to help you reach your end goals. Suitable for those with minimal concerns or needing a once off/occasional treatment. For all clients seeking longterm skin correction and in-depth advice we recommend our Advanced Skin Analysis. Learn More


Skin Revision

Skin Revisions are recommended 6-12 months into your skin program. This is to assess and track the level of improvement being accomplished both at home and in treatment via our photographic machinery. A great opportunity to view your before and after’s. Only applicable to those who have undergone the Advanced Skin Analysis. Learn More


Level 1 Enzyme Peel

A gentle exfoliant mask that works to remove old skin cells that have gone through their cycle and condition the skin without impairing the skin barrier.
The skin is left feeling significantly smoother and healthier. Includes applied actives and a healing clay mask. Suitable for all skin conditions except severe Rosacea or Dermatitis present on the face. Learn More

level 2 enzyme.jpg

Level 2 Enzyme Peel

The next step up from the Level 1 enzyme peel. A blend of different herbs are deeply massaged into the skin and as they become embedded they release natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants for up to a week. This stimulates skin renewal within 24 hours.  Learn More


Nutrition Facial

A nutrient dense treatment that is personalised to your specific skin needs on the day. Topical actives and specialised masks are custom blended for a complete tailored experience.
Includes hand, arm and decolletage massage for the ultimate zen experience! Recommended for those who are feeling stressed.  Learn More


Nutrition PLUS+ Facial

Includes a triple layered Vitamin Mask to infuse a wider array of nutritional actives into the skin. Your skin is then finished with Oxygen Misting to revitalise & plump your skin cells. A must especially during stressful periods or those who want more of a deluxe Facial. Learn More

LED Light Therapy

Rejuvenates skin for a more youthful appearance. Improves circulation and lymphatics, speeds up healing and restores healthy skin function. Also available as an add on to enhance your facial treatments for $50.00. Learn More


Oxygen Infusion Facial

Introductory Skin Needling

An intensely refreshing treatment that deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin using 94% pure Oxygen whilst infusing hand picked nutritional actives. Recommended for all skin conditions and perfect before special occasions. Learn More

First time Needling clients will undergo this as their first session. It involves LED Light Therapy on the day along with an Enzyme Peel 4 days post treatment. Ensures the most comfortable experience with minimal downtime. Learn More

Skin Needling

This is a non invasive treatment that works with the bodies natural healing processes to encourage new collagen formation. Suitable for scars, lines, open pores and pigmentation. Learn More


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

 A light-heat based treatment suitable for the correction of Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Capillaries and Diffused Redness. A must do for evening out the skin’s complexion. Learn More

Medi Back Control Treatment

Smoothen out the texture and tone of your back with this detoxifying treatment. Our creamy Enzyme Peel and soft scrub is worked in under steam to remove unwanted dead cells. LED then helps to rapidly minimise imperfections and work to brighten the skin. The treatment finishes off with a healing mineral mask that infuses nutrients back into the area. Suitable for all skin’s. Learn More

Natural Makeup Application

Celebrate guilt free knowing your skin is going to have continued correction and support with our Deco Mineral range. Completely buildable to any occasion and totally free from skin disrupting ingredients. Learn More

Who Doesn't Love Extras?

Extractions | 39.00
LED | 50.00
Oxy Mist  | 39.00   
Brow Wax | 25.00
Brow Wax + Tint | 45.00
Eye Lash Tint | 25.00
Brow Wax + Tint + Lash Tint | 59.00


Skin Packages Available

Acne Package 

 x6 Level 1 Enzyme Peels + Blue LED light therapy. Cleanser, Enzyme Oil + Moisturiser | $899 (Save $164)

Anti-Redness Package

 x6 Green LED light therapy sessions. Cleansing Milk, Rescue Oil, High Classic Moisturiser | $599 (save $104)

Anti-Ageing Package

 x4 Oxygen Infusion + Red LED light therapy, x1 CIT Skin Needling. Cleanser, Vitamin Cream Mask, SPF 30+, MTS Skin Roller | $1199 (save $150)

Pigmentation Package

 x4 Oxygen Infusion + Green LED light therapy. Cleanser, Vitamin Cream Mask, SPF 30+, MTS Skin Roller | $999 (save $111)


Customised Skin Packages

Or if you're after a complete tailored package from your Therapist, you can enjoy the following savings:

Purchase any x6 Skin Treatments and receive 10% off the total price

Purchase any x8 Skin Treatments and receive 15% off the total price

Purchase any x10 Skin Treatments and receive 20% off the total price