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SJM Brides


Meet our SJM Brides!

‘‘ I got engaged and I was on a mission to get my hormonal acne and scarring under control for my wedding. I sprung my upcoming wedding on Suzanne and the girls last minute and they were up for the challenge. I can honestly say my skin has never been better and they made my skin perfect for my wedding day ’’.




I first found SJM Skin Aesthetics on Facebook after a friend of mine liked the page. After my first appointment I reasoned I had some serious skin issues that needed to be fixed. As soon as I was put on my home care routine I was hooked on the products! Then I got engaged and I was on a mission to get my hormonal acne and scarring under control for my wedding. I sprung my upcoming wedding on Suzanne and the girls last minute and they were up for the challenge. I can honestly say my skin has never been better and they made my skin perfect for my wedding day.




If you are reading this chances are you are feeling terrible about your skin and are desperate for some help! Also, you’re probably wondering if booking an appointment at SJM will be worth it? Wondering if it’s just another skin clinic on the peninsula or if you will see results? Well SJM is not just another skin clinic, it is the best discussion you will ever make in your life, you will never have research another skin clinic again, get ready to say GOODBYE to horrible skin (trust me I know, I’ve been there!!) I’ve struggled from hormonal (PCOS) and genetic acne, sun damage and dry, lifeless skin! From a very young age I struggled with cystic acne and was put on Roaccutane TWICE, although this helped to begin with, it severely damaged my skin, which caused it to become very dehydrated/oily and spoiler alert .. I still had acne! 18 months ago in Jan 2017 (at the age of 23) I was in a bridal party and was struggling with low self esteem due to my skin and couldn’t bear being in all of the professional photos. In a desperate panic I reached out to Suzanne 3 weeks before the wedding to try to improve my skin as much as I could such a small time frame and from the very first consult got incredible results!

I spent a lot of time and money on many other products, skin boutiques, medications and procedures during the ages of 18-23 but I never saw huge improvements in my skin. Also, I often felt as though many of the clinics I went to were more focused on making money, than genuinely caring about my skin ... until I met Suzanne! She was one of the first people to ever tell me she will do whatever she can to help to suit my budget and a small gesture like this was just the beginning of realising she would do whatever she could to help me out with my skin journey over the next 18 months (including taking the time to send me lots of info and healthy recipes AND offering complementary skin treatments ) honestly it’s so very rare to find a therapist so selfless, genuine and caring these days! After my initial a consult with Suzanne I was extremely impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm! We began my treatments straight away which consisted of a facial and LED treatment as well as a home skin care routine. I continued to see Suzanne and my skin just got better and better (a better spoiler alert... GET READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO ACNE!) Fast forward 11 months and I was now getting ready for my own engagement party (and of course wedding) and now that my acne was clear I had new skin goals which Suzanne and I discussed. I wanted that white, bright, flawlessly hydrated and dewy complexion that I thought I could have NEVER achieved (if you’ve seen Suzanne’s skin you will know exactly the type I mean #flawless) BUT I had a lot of sun damage from years spent sun baking when I was younger (and uneducated) which left me with a dull, uneven and discoloured complexion. So in November of last year we started a new journey which involved IPL sessions to clear my sun damage, an at home whitening serum and facials to achieve flawless skin. I spent my whole life envying some many’s girls skin, but thanks to the girls at SJM I now get compliments on how good my skin is! Although I had an end goal for my wedding I will NEVER stop seeing the girls at SJM for my home skin care range and treatments. Until you suffer bad skin you can never truly understand how thankful and appreciate I am to have found SJM. ❤




“I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of working with both Suzanne and Jess. What they have done for my skin is nothing short of amazing and especially during a time when I really wanted to look my best. Leading up to my wedding day, I received so many compliments from my family, friends and even those in the workplace with how much my skin had transformed. My goal to achieve a smooth, clear and glowing appearance for my special day was made a reality thanks to these two amazing women. I really can’t thank them enough for making me feel confident during such a precious moment in my life and now I’m getting to reap the benefits of my new, healthy skin well into my married life too!”




I started at SJM in May 2017 with the hope of getting my skin back to a healthy state. With an upcoming wedding in May 2018, I thought it was perfect timing to start working on my skin in order to have beautiful healthy skin for my big day! Suzanne was great in giving plenty of advice at the very beginning and put a program in place perfect to suit my skin and it’s needs. My program was altered throughout the year depending on what I needed at the time and sticking to my regular appointments were not just great for my skin, but always something I looked forward to! Some treatments I had over the year were nutrition facials, skin needling and IPL. Fast forward a year later and I couldn’t have been happier with the state of my skin and felt super comfortable going into my big day. My wedding is now well and truly over, but my healthy skin is not, and I still continue coming to see the girls regularly for maintenance and to have the best skin I possibly can have!