Where are you located?

We are nestled in the heart of Mornington's Main Street on the Peninsula. On street parking is available either at the front or back of the Clinic.
Address: 108 Main Street, Mornington, Victoria, 3931.

How do I know what to book in for?

If it is your first time at SJM Skin Aesthetics then either an Express Consultation or Advanced Skin Analysis will be allocated for you depending on which you choose. This allows for a discussion about your skin, concerns, goals and treatment that will best suit you on the day.  

What is Corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is the methodology that the skin is a fully functioning eco system and that it should remain intact at all times. The most effective way of ensuring a healthy, balanced skin is to nourish the sub-layers. Any problems that are apparent at the surface of the skin - such as redness or inflammation - are caused by an immune response produced deeper within the layers of the skin. This immune response occurs because of a disruption to the protective layer of your skin. For this reason SJM Skin Aesthetics does not perform traditional Peeling or abrasive procedures that aim to remove superficial layers of skin. We recognise these types of procedures lead to an impaired skin barrier.

I'm pregnant, what treatments can I have?

As we are a Corneotherapeutic Skin Clinic, we don't perform traditional treatments such as Chemical Peels that are typically off limits to pregnancy. You can enjoy all the treatments and skincare that we offer except for IPL Skin Rejuvenation!


I've had a consultation and skin treatments elsewhere, do I still need a consult at SJM?

All new clients to us will still need to undergo one of our consultation options before starting any treatments with us, even if you have undergone these services elsewhere. We are a complete Corneotherapeutic clinic and therefore our treatment services, products and protocol will differ to others. If you have visited another Dermaviduals or Corneotherapy clinic, we can request (with your consent) to have your treatment notes transferred to us via email to get up to date but a consult will still be necessary.

Will my face be red and sore after treatment?

This is entirely dependant on what type of treatment you get. It also depends on the type of skin you have. Some people have naturally pink undertones, flush very easily and can be a little more sensitive. Those who have an olive/tan complexion generally have thicker and more resilient skins. They can withstand a lot more force with minimal downtime. Typically treatments such as Skin Needling or IPL will leave the skin feeling warm and looking flushed. 

How much downtime will I have? Can I apply makeup?

Downtime will be dependant on the treatment you have done. Treatments such as Skin Needling and IPL Skin Rejuvenation can leave the skin flushed for up to 48 hours. Our Deco Mineral Foundation is 100% free from chemical junk and is perfectly safe to use after any treatment!

Will I break out after treatment?

Some people can experience what is called 'purging'. This is due to stimulation and renewal of the skin, almost like a detox. If you have pre existing bumps underneath the skin then there is a possibility they will surface after treatment. Look at this as a positive response as it is part of the cleansing and readjustment process of the skin.