Nutrition PLUS+ Facial

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This is the most deluxe of all facial treatments here at SJM. Our Nutrition PLUS+ Facial includes a deep exfoliation with our creamy natural enzymes, the ultimate pure relaxation through essential oils and an upper body massage, followed by a triple-layered vitamin mask, and finished with our oxygen mist to revitalize, re-charge and plump up your skin cells.

With a core focus on massage, this treatment aims to reduce the levels of stress hormones (cortisol) within the body which can result in less breakouts and congestion. Lymphatic massage also helps to improve circulation whilst removing built up                                                                                                                       stagnation and toxins and wastage.

A must have, especially during stressful periods or those who want some extra TLC during their facial experience. 

90 minutes | 175.00

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