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Meet our Team


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Meet our skin saving team!

We understand that our knowledge and energy will impact your skin's success. Education and passion is at the core of what we do and as long as we are learning, we are growing. From the moment you walk in, it is all about YOU and we just genuinely love getting to know you on a deeper level. You become a part of our family and every visit feels like a catch up! After all, your skin journey should be fun!


Meet Suzanne


What is a Corneotherapist?
A Corneotherapist specialises in the field of Corneotherapy or otherwise known as an 'outide in' approach. We recognise the skin itself is a beautiful environment with all it's intricate functions to stay healthy; therefore, it is integral that each layer of the skin remains intact and strong. 

What is your favourite skin treatment?
I am a sucker for relaxing treatments that also strongly work on skin health. I cannot go past our Nutrition + PLUS Facial with LED Light Therapy! Each step is so involved you get taken on this wonderful journey of pure bliss. The skin always, ALWAYS looks and feels sensational for weeks afterwards.

What is your favourite Dermaviduals product?
I LOVE the Vitamin A Serum! I have used many variations in my life but this is by far the best. It is so versatile as it can be mixed into anything for an instant refinement! I personally love putting 2 drops into my moisturiser every night.. I love the way the skin looks and feels with Vitamin A and I always endeavour to incorporate it into my client’s regime!

What is your number one skin care tip?
Understanding your skin is unique and therefore needs to be treated in its own unique way. My best tip is to learn as much about your skin as possible. Create a skin diary and take note of its daily changes. Less is more with skin care so strip your synthetic chemicals right back and keep your regime neutral until you can see a Corneotherapist.


Meet Kai


Why did you become a Corneotherapist?
Having struggled with a random outburst of hormonal cystic acne coming out of high school, I was incredibly fixated on finding an affective topical solution for the problem while I was undergoing an intense course of treatment on the anti-acne drug, ‘Roaccutane.’ Little did I know just how damaging this drug was to not only my skin, but to my mental health; I most likely would not have gone through with the treatment had I been informed of all the potential risks. 

What is your favourite Dermaviduals product?
Vitamin C Serum! The purest of its form, it protects cellular systems and supports the formation of healthy, strong anti-ageing structures to help combat environmental stressors/aggressors and to prevent the premature ageing process! 

What is your favourite skin treatment?
Definitely the LED Machine as it has the ability to have a physiological impact on cellular systems within your body. It’s extremely relaxing and the skincare results you benefit from wavelengths is just phenomenal! From reducing/eliminating harmful anaerobic germs to encouraging the production of important anti-ageing growth factors; what more could you possibly want in a skincare treatment?!

What is your number one skincare tip?
Wearing HATS and our in clinic sun protection cream! I cannot stress the importance of wearing properly fabricated hats and well formulated sunscreens during the year as UVR is the number one cause of premature ageing and countless other barrier disordered skin conditions that we as skin therapists see on a daily basis. 


Meet Jess


Skin Therapist

Why did you become a Skin Therapist? 
My passion for skin integrity evolved over years of struggling with problematic skin. I remember mornings crying because I didn’t want to go to school, or work because my acne was so painful. I became so insecure. I tried many products, treatments and prescribed medications. I found most had some effect, however, I would relapse months after.

Fortunately I learned a new world of natural therapy; such as corneotherapy and naturopathy, which have healed my body and skin from the inside out.

Having experience what I would call, physiological and psychological trauma, I decided I wanted to be a Skin Therapist and help others on a journey to feel comfortable in their skin

Favourite treatment?
I couldn’t live without my weekly LED light therapy! My first experience with LED I was totally sceptical of how a light could influence the condition of my skin however starting with blue light therapy I began to treat my acne breakouts with its anti-bacterial properties and immediately noticed improvements. I am now obsessed Green Light LED to manage my pigmentation issues

Favourite product?
My favourite product is Dermaviduals Lotion N! Having been on two rounds of Roaccutane and possibly 3 years taking doxycycline in my teens my skin has suffered a great loss of Essential Fatty Acids! I use to feel so tight and dry all the time but now it feels comfortable and healthy. My skin loves it! 


Meet Sophie

Clinic Receptionist

What do you love about being in your role?
I love getting to know all of our clients and witnessing their individual skin journey's first hand. Not only do our client's always walk out of their treatments with glowing skin, but they are so much happier and confident. Seeing improvements each visit genuinely get's me excited and happy for our clients (I also get really jealous haha).

What is your favourite treatment and why?
My favourite treatment is definately Skin Needling. I learnt the hard way as to why you shouldn't pick which has unfortunately left me with scarring and pigmentation on my cheeks. Needling has helped me even out my skin tone and reduce my pore size!

What is your favourite product and why?
My all time favourite would be the Total Cleansing Cream. I personally don't love a Milk or Gel cleanser so this is the perfect blend in between. It also removes my makeup really well with only a small amount.

Best skincare tip?
Consider your makeup as part of your skincare routine also! Sometimes using heavy or poor quality makeup to mask your skin problems can actually be what's making them worse.