Corneotherapy - the RIGHT way to do skin!

Hey there!

If your reading this it's probably because you are going through a skin journey or 'skin struggle' and tried many different things that may have failed and are interested in what you can do differently.

Well, I am here to tell you about a relatively new skin philosophy that is simple, good for you and the RIGHT way to long term healthy skin. This gets me so excited because I have personally went through my own personal skin struggle a few years ago that led me into a viscious cycle of trying so many things that didn't work and spending so much money on crap!

So, what is this new skin philosophy? It's name is Corneotherapy.

What I want you to do is is envision your skin (which is the largest organ in your body btw) as a fully functioning 'environment'. This means it is it's own eco system that serves a MASSIVE purpose in protecting you and letting you know when it's balance is 'off'. This might be in the way of rashes,  redness, acne or allergies etc... its basically your own personal alarm system... pretty cool huh?

Now I want you to think about some things that might affect or 'disturb' this happy, healthy environment of yours. 

Let me give you a BIG hint... pretty much anything that is not naturally occurring on or in your body! These are things like:

  • Pollution
  • Stress (when in excess and not properly managed)
  • Processed/Preserved foods
  • Synthetic Chemicals
  • Environmental Pathogens

Generally what happens at a young age is our skin becomes exposed to many harsh elements. A common example of this is when we are in our teens and start to use skincare products and makeup... most of the time its cheap stuff because hey.. who could afford the good stuff back then right? Good ole scented foamey washes, scrubs, toners, pretty smelling moisturisers and some cheap foundation. DEVINE!

Below you can see a diagram showcasing the many layers found in your skin.

They all serve an important purpose but right now let's focus on the very first layer, the Epidermis! This 'outer layer' of skin is also known as your Protective Skin Barrier... and it does exactly that. Protect you and all the beautiful cells/layers beneath it so that they can continue doing there thing. It is this protective barrier that cops ALL the chemical exposure you apply on your skin across your entire lifespan - baby to elderly. 

I want you to have a serious think about HOW MUCH product or 'chemicals' you have applied up until now.... how much of it was crap do you think? Here is a list of the most common skin irritants found on cosmetic products (including hair care cause that can wash onto your face too)

  • Preservatives
  • Parabens
  • Emulsifiers (binds water and oil together)
  • Cosmetic alcohols at high %
  • Artificial Colours
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Synthetic Silicones

Do you think after a good number of years your skin is going to be very healthy? hell no. 

It can only withstand so much and over time with repeated use/exposure this top layer starts to weaken and break down :(

Some people neglect there skin so much they can actually lose this protective capability and others with a mild case of break down may just develop 'holes' or 'gaps' in their skin (not ones you can physically see though).

So this break down Corneotherapy refers to as an 'impaired skin barrier'. You have ultimately disrupted your 'eco system' and the environment will no longer function in a normal healthy way. Because of the missing elements your skin signals to your body 'alert/danger'. As a result your immune system brings your skin into an inflammatory response. 

When your skin is under a state of inflammation or impairment this is when you have the common signs of skin complaints appear:

  • congestion/acne
  • dry/oily patches
  • dullness
  • redness/itchiness
  • dryness/flaking

Are you going through any of these symptoms? If so, you probably have an impaired skin barrier. Quite frankley, majority of people do. Why? Because at some stage we have all exposed our skin to nasty chemicals that should never have been put on it.

To wrap it up, Corneotherapy is the belief that your skin MUST remain intact (meaning its layers/environment) and fully functional at all times. It believes in using ingredients that are 'skin accepted' or naturally found in the skin (very hard to find btw as there is only one Corneotherapeutic product worldwide and that is what we use in clinic).

It also does not believe in any treatments that take away from the skin eg: Microdermabrasion, harsh exfoliants/scrubs, Chemical Peels, Laser Resurfacing etc. Generally treatments that aim to remove 'dead skin cells'. The unfortunate news is that your cells aren't all dead guys, they are very much alive and even the 'dead' ones serve a purpose as well.

I hope this blog has made sense to you and you have learnt the basics to what you should not be doing to your skin. The philosophy extends much further then what I have touched base on. 

The clinic that I own and treat in is all based around this philosophy and the results have been outstanding. 

Check out some of our before and afters below!


Here are also some testimonials from our raving clients that have gone through some incredible skin transformations!

"So impressed with Suzanne, so full of knowledge and clearly passionate about what she does. My skin care routine has never been simpler and I am LOVING my skin for the first time in about 12 years - I've been using Dermaviduals for about 3 weeks and had one facial I couldn't be happier with the results, highly recommend seeing Suzanne for all your skin needs!" - Melissa Dixon

"I have recently started treatments with SJM's newest member Jess and have been loving the results! Susan and Jess work brilliantly together and I always know going into a treatment that I am in the best hands. 
Not only was I impressed with the knowledge these ladies have surrounding skin care but also the results that I got just after a couple of treatments and religious home care that was catered to the specific needs of my skin!
It is truly amazing how well the Dermaviduals product range works I began to see results within two weeks of just using home care which was consistent of the gel cleanser, lotion N and plutioderm. I have recently added to this skin care a serum which is seriously AMAZING custom blended for what my skin was crying out for!I honestly can not recommend these ladies enough absolute miracle workers!" - Lily Warrin-Venturin

If you are on a personal skin journey or skin struggle, please know there is a healthy solution for you. You don't need to go to the extremes or spend a fortune on seeing improvements. We'd really love to get to know you and help you. To reach out or to book in for our 60 minute Advanced Skin Analysis to learn more about your options feel free to contact us on 0435 758 028 or via our 'contact' tab on this website! <3

Lizzie Robinson