My top 5 tips for surviving the summer

Summer can be a great time for relaxation, vitamin d and finally getting that 'glow' back in our skins; however, it is really important to stay sun savvy especially when our skins bare the longterm damage. I like to call it invisible damage because it often doesn't show straight away and a lot of us can be naive to this until of course we age and it all starts to show. So here are my top 4 tips for still enjoying the summer but being smart about it.

#1  Sunscreen is essential. I know I know, its a line thats been repeated over and over yet I am constantly finding 70% of my clients are not using a quality strength spf. I've heard all the excuses in the book... its too thick, its too oily, I'm hardly outside, I wear hats, I don't sunbake, it makes my skin sensitive.. sound familiar? I cannot stress enough how important this rule is. If you are SERIOUS about your skin health and improving your condition then you absolutely need to wear an spf. The way the health/beauty trend is moving forward we are now finding active ingredients in products that renew your skin. Its the same for clinical treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peeling, Laser facials etc... they all work to rejuvenate your skin yet without protecting it from the sun what are you doing? You are damaging your new found skin that you paid a lot of $$$ for. Medications is also a big one, in my experience I would say 30-50% of my clients are on some sort of a light sensitive medication such as antidepressants or antibiotics yet still don't wear a sunscreen. 

So ladies and gents if you can't wear a sunscreen then you truly cannot have the skin you really want. During summer avoid any sunscreens lower then SPF20+. I love Skinstitut's Age Defence SPF50+. Not only is it hydrating but 50+ is the highest protection you can get in Australia. It smells divine and goes on flawlessly!

#2  Wear a hat as much as possible. Even if you wear sunscreen it does not give you 100% protection so clothing or hats will act as a physical blocker to sun. Be mindful for you pigmentation sufferers that heat will also stimulate pigmentation, not just direct sun exposure. Keep this in mind to try get shade as much as possible if preventing pigmentation is your priority.

#3  Topical Vitamin C. Also known as L-Ascorbic acid, using a minimum concentration of 10% but ideally 20%, vitamin C acts to filter out UV rays. Combining this with an SPF50+ provides you with a very good chance of minimal sun damage. Vitamin C also has many other positive effects on the skin such as slowing down the release of pigmentation, brightening your skin and strengthening the barrier system. Skinstitut offers a powder form which you can mix every morning in with your serums or moisturisers! 

#4  Moisturise. Skin often produces more oil during summer which is why many people don't feel the need for a moisturiser. They're wrong. Moisturisers have an important purpose of acting as a barrier system to lock in moisture and prevent our skins from becoming dehydrated and potentially open to sensitivities or imbalances. So don't stop moisturising just swap it for a lightweight solution. Skinstitut's Oily/Combination moisturiser is fantastic for controlling oil and breakouts but still giving you the necessary hydration. 

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Happy Summer Loving guys!

Lizzie Robinson