Everything you need to know about Skin Needling!

Skin Needling

It’s the latest and greatest technology for skin rejuvenation and your all going crazy about it!

So what actually is Skin Needling?

The Concept of Skin Needling, AKA Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is based on the skin’s own ability to repair itself. Using a really awesome tool called the Derma CIT Pen! We are able to create mico injuries into the skin which stimulates the release of growth factors called fibroblasts, these are the cells that create collagen and elastin. 

Many factors can actually slow the process of collagen and elastin down, like aging - which of course is inevitable, however now that we have a tool that is able to stimulate the creation of these collagen and elastin cells we are able to slightly turn back the clock and improve our skins appearance. 

It’s important to understand that there are also other key roles of Skin Needling…

  • Optimizing cell function

  • Preserving integrity of the epidermis 

  • Strengthening dermal and epidermal junction

  • Breakdown of scar tissue

  • Induce regenerative healing

  • Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Reduces pore size and improves skins texture 

Scarring is one of the main concerns that we see/hear about from a lot of our clients, and it is super amazing that we are all recognizing the benefits of skin needling to help correct it! Being the most talked about treatment for scarring, let’s explain how Skin Needling improves scar tissue. 

Most of us are guilty of picking our skin which unfortunately can damage the tissue and leave a scar. When using the Derma CIT Pen we are able to create controlled micro wounds into this scar tissue which helps to break up the damage and leave a foundation of new fibres in place! 

‘Great! But where do these damaged fibres go?’ - Good Question! 

The body recognizes the damaged tissue as a waste product after the injury process has taken place and natural removes it via our elimination system. How cool is that?!

What is the protocol for Skin Needling? How many can I have and how often? Is it expensive?

At SJM Skin Aesthetics we are incredibly passionate about the skin’s integrity, we follow strict protocols with treatments such as ‘Skin Needling’, based on the health and condition of your skin. 

For all clients, we recommend you prep your skin to ensure amazing results. 

Prepping generally consists of prescribed home-care (to heal any existing trauma/inflammation and rebuild your skin barrier) plus a short series of personalized in clinic treatments to replenish and feed the skin. 

Prep phase can take up to 6 -8 weeks, depending on the skin and how well it adjusts to its new diet but ultimately it means the skin is going to be in the best condition possible so you get the most out of your needling sessions. 

As we are inducing injury to the skin, you must be aware that the skin needs time to heal and re-build. Your skin cells have a life cycle of usually 28 days, so it is recommended to wait 4 weeks to ensure that total healing has occurred (if we are performing deep needling). If shallow needling is performed this can be repeated as often as weekly to fortnightly (great for congestion/pigmentation concerns).

As everyone’s skin is unique, when deciding on how many treatments it will depend on your concerns (eg: pitted scarring/stretch marks require lots more sessions). But a typical course ranges anywhere from 4 -10 sessions :)

Expense of Skin Needling differs from clinic to clinic and can rage from $199 - $399. 

In my experience, I found that working closely with a Skin Therapist and building a relationship with them prior to having an advanced treatment such as Skin Needling meant that I always have support and guidance through my skin journey - it really comes down to your own values. 

If I am going to invest my time and money into something I want to know who and what I am investing it in. Head to our skin treatments page to view our pricing.

What Does It Feel Like? Does It Hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance! So what might hurt one person, may not hurt the other! 

The sensation to me is just really strong scratching, some stinging in sensitive spots like the boney areas such as the forehead and cheekbones but it isn’t a pain that is unbearable, and you just get use to it over time. 

So as a whole it is uncomfortable but bearable.. and the results are well worth it ;)

It’s important to remember always - your skin is an organ, just like your heart or or lungs, it is just as important to take care of it. It loves you so much that it fights daily battles to protect you! 

We thrive for healthy strong skin!

Check out some of our amazing before + afters!

If you have any questions at all feel free to send us through an enquiry or live chat… or alternatively phone us at 03 5916 1123.

We would love to hear all about you <3

Jess x

Suzanne Smedley