Tips on surviving Christmas breakouts!

Christmas shouldn’t be a break for your skin! It should be a time for you to get it fabulously fit!


It can be a tough time of year for some, rushing around trying to find presents, stocking up on food and organising family functions - your skin can often be the last of your worries. Lets face it, if you have been looking after it all year round and then break all those good habits just for the holidays, this can lead us into a new year of troubled skin.


So this is why I wanted to share some super easy tips on how you can survive the holidays this year, whilst being confident in keeping your skin on track! Or, if you are not yet one of our lovely clients and have been struggling with problematic skin, this is a great explanation of how you can get started in improving your current concerns.




We hear about it constantly - protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays is super important, so it’s also important to understand the basics.

Sunshine is actually made up of three distinct light rays:

UVA (ultraviolet-A) rays are a longer wavelength of sunlight. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB, where it increases collagenase, a process where enzymes breakdown collagen, it will cause an immediate suntan, not sunburn. UVA also generates free radicals in living skin, which contribute to skin damage, loss of hydration which leads to wrinkling, and pre-mature ageing.

Unlike less powerful UVB rays, UVA passes right through clouds and can also pass through glass, like your car window! It is essentially at the same strength 365 days a year.

UVB (ultraviolet-B) rays are the radiation we should all be most familiar with, it is what cause sunburn and damage the skin. This type of radiation can also contribute to the development of skin cancers. 

UVC (ultraviolet-C) rays are part of the energy that comes from the sun. Most UVC rays are blocked from the Earth’s surface by the ozone layer, but thanks to global warming, Australia and NZ are now also in danger of UVC rays! Just another harmful thing to add to the list!

dermaviduals sunscreen SPF30+ offers broad-spectrum sunscreen protection, which means it guards against the damage caused by both UVA and UVB rays and it feels amazing on your skin for daily use.


Once applied, let it have time for your skin absorb it before exposing yourself to the sun. Don’t be stingy either! You need to apply a sufficient amount of it to achieve the labelled SPF 30+.

Applying the cream regularly throughout the day will maintain your sun protection. We recommend applying SPF over your moisturiser.

TIP: before re-applying sunscreen, be sure to dry off your skin if you are perspiring or have been in the pool or the beach. SPF 30+ should be applied regularly for activities that involve being outside.

DON’T FORGET! To wear a hat and avoid spending hours directly in the sun if possible! As good at it may feel, over exposure to UV is going to FREAK your skin out!




When we talk hydration, drinking water is not the only factor we need to consider.

Yes, drinking at least a litre of water is super amazing for your body and skin, however there are other methods of keeping your skin hydrated!


We just talked about over protecting your skin from harmful UV rays which can break down your epidermis (your skins surface layer) and leaves your skin super vulnerable, however there are certain treatments and products that can assist in keeping skin hydration levels healthy too.


Correct home care is the number one priority in order to maintain this healthy glow. We preach this a lot! (lol, if you are a client or follow us, we probably sound like a broken record!)



We love dermaviduals cleansing milk, suitable for all skin types. This gentle face wash leaves a barrier of lipids (oils) after being rinsed from the skin. Lipids are essential for retaining skin hydration to avoid Trans Epidermal Water Loss, (TEWL) a process which your skins natural moisturising factors (NMF’s)/ hydration easily evaporates from the skin.

(See image to the right)



On the surface of your skin you have something that we call an acid mantle, which contains lipids, if your acid mantle is compromised and there are deficient lipids on the surface, we lose all those beautiful natural moisturising factors through evaporation, therefore creating a snowball affect of problems.


Another product we love is Dermavidulas Lotion N!

A treatment tonic full of Essential Fatty Acids! EFA’s are the building blocks to healthy skin. They are responsible for keeping lipids healthy. With its softening and smoothing effect, Lotion N supports the repair of the skin barrier and prevention of excessive TEWL.

It is suitable for most skin types however must be prescribed by a Skin Therapist.


A wonderful in-clinic treatment for skin hydration over the holidays is our Oxygen Infusion Facial! Using 94% pure oxygen for the infusion of hand picked active ingredients by a therapist, such as Hyaluronic Acid which is an effective moisturiser and anti-wrinkle agent. It is intensely refreshing, and perfect before (or even after) special occasions!

This treatment is recommended for all skin types however new clients must undergo a consultation beforehand.


It’s easy to have a few wines here and there which is totally human of you, however alcohol can be one of the most dehydrating substances for our skin. I’m definitely not going to tell you not to drink over the holidays (haha) however, I will advise to be conscious while drinking, ensuring to drink water in between a glass or two.


Tip: Ever wondered how much water you are actually meant to drink daily? Here’s a useful calculation…

Multiply 0.03 by your body weight and there you have your estimated requirement of daily fluids.

Example. I weigh roughly 55 kilo’s. So I just go 0.03x55=1.65 litres of water a day!


Using enzymes are an effective way to remove skin cells that have gone through their life cycle from the skins surface, in order to make better pathways for active ingredients to be better absorbed into the skin.


Enzymes are a gentle form of exfoliation and are recommended to be used weekly or fortnightly.

 At SJM, every treatment includes an enzyme. This method of exfoliation improves results of smaller pores and a very even skin tone. In addition to that, it has a preventative effect against comedones, milia and pustules.

With the use of heat and humidity, the enzymes penetrate into congestion and will loosen and even dissolve that sticky oil that has clogged the follicle.


Enzymes can be used at home too! Our SJM Enzyme Oil is a perfect exfoliation method to use at home. Papaya Enzymes gently dissolve loose cells on the surface of our skin whilst also leaving it feel smooth and fresh. Can use as an overnight exfoliation treatment.


Enquire in store or online for these products if you are interested in knowing more!


During the holidays it can be tricky to get a good dose of sleep.

Invitation after invitation, event after event, late nights become the norm and it can play quite a toll on the conditions of our skin. When we sleep, our body goes into repair-mode and this is where cellular regeneration happens. Cellular regeneration is a process where our bodily cells renew, including our skin. When we don’t quite get enough sleep this process can often fail to be completed and unfortunately will encourage premature aging.


Try to keep a consistent sleep routine throughout the holidays for at least a good 8 - 9 hours a night. Studies indicate that between 11pm and 3am is when your body has increased cellular regeneration, so getting to bed before 11pm is most ideal.


Also not to forget to remove your makeup before going to bed each night! We love our water wipes! A must to leave by the bedside table just incase of the off occasion you come home late (and have too many wines) and just don’t make it to the shower!




Holidays mean more time to unwind and relax.This is a time for more yoga! And if you haven’t done yoga before, this is your opportunity to try it out. Give it a good 3 -4 classes in, to really get the gist of it! Yoga is amazing for your body,mind and for your soul. Learning to let go, breathe and stretch out reduced stress and energizes the body.

If yoga isn’t your thing, get out in nature, leave your phone at home and get walking. Small amounts of exercise encourage those loving endorphin’s . 

Too much stress increases cortisol hormone which will put you off balance and increase your chances of breakouts. How? Stress will prompt the skins sebaceous glands to product more sebum (oil) which can lead to blockages withing the follicle! Yikes!

Stress can also lead to flare ups in rosacea skins to!



Remember - Know your triggers


Processed Foods.




Excessive amounts of these bad boys are very likely to cause inflammation within the body, and therefore likely to scream out of your skin! Everything in moderation! Don’t deprive yourself of something, instead, enjoy small amounts or find a healthier alternative!



We hope you all enjoy the Christmas season, and have a very happy New Year!

If you have any enquries, get in contact with us, we ‘d love to hear from you.

Written by Skin Therapist Jess Chapman.

Suzanne Smedley