Level 2 Enzyme Peel

Level 2 Enzyme Peel


60 Minutes

The next step up from the Level 1 Enzyme Peel. With no downtime and no visible peeling, think of this one-day procedure as a natural kick-starter to smoother, revitalized and regenerated skin. 

A blend of different herbs are deeply massaged into the skin and as they become embedded they release natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants for up to a week. 

This stimulates skin renewal within 24 hours! You will notice immediate results and will continue as the herbs’ trace elements are released within the skin.

This is not a harsh, abrasive or chemical peel. It is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders and abrasives, without any toxic side effects. Following our corneotherapy methodology of treating skin, the structure and integrity of the epidermis is kept in tact at all times during this treatment and that is why we love it so much.

Suitable for all skin types but can also be customised when necessary.

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