Bare Roots - Rose Quartz Facial Tool Set

Bare Roots - Rose Quartz Facial Tool Set


Facial Tool Kit includes:

  • X 1 Rose Quarts Facial Roller

  • X 1 Rose Quarts Gua Sha

Roller Benefits

  • Eliminates toxic wastes via lymphatics drainage improves stagnation & congestion in the skin due to improvement in blood circulation.

  • Sculpts the natural contours of your face by eliminating puffiness or fluid build up.

  • Encourages healthy skin renewal via improvement in blood flow & waste build up.

Gua Sha Benefits

  • Stimulates blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins & impurities.

  • De-puffs the face by releasing built up fluid retention via lymphatic drainage.

  • Can improves the appearance of dark circles as circulation increases.

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