Level 1 Enzyme Peel

Enzyme Peel.jpg

A gentle exfoliant mask that loosens and removes old skin cells that have gone through their cycle and condition the skin without impairing the skin barrier. 

The result is smaller pores, even skin tone, a preventative against comedones, millia and pustules and improve pathways for active absorption in the skin. With the influence of steam the enzymes are activated to partially dissolve the unwanted cells. Your therapist will then select the appropriate actives to your skin condition before application of Terra Sana, a mineral rich clay mask with properties that embody the regenerating actives for deeper absorption effects.Excellent treatment for oil and problematic skin. 


For best results we always recommend add on LED light therapy. LED rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level enhancing your facial treatment. 

Suitable for all skin types except severe Rosacea or Dermatitis present on the face.

30 minutes | 89.00

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