Healthy Makeup

HEALTHY MAKE UP - No longer a thing of the future! 

For a lot of us girls, make up is part of our everyday routine. But unfortunately for most, make up is not usually our friend when it comes to our skin. Many of us have experienced those times where you suffer with breakouts after wearing make up, but then you need to keep wearing the make up in order to cover them up. Its a viscous cycle; a cycle that can be extremely difficult to break and even more frustrating when you're investing so much time into your skin care regime, only to have your makeup aggravate your skin. 
Many make up brands carry all kinds of irritating ingredients that our skin doesn't like at all; such as preservatives, emulsifiers and silicone, mineral oils and amines. If you think about it, it's basically our skin trying to send us a message to keep those nasty products away!!! This begging the question in our minds "WHY CAN'T MAKE UP JUST BE GOOD FOR US?". 


Well lucky for us, healthy make up is no longer a thing of the future! Dermaviduals deco is the answer to our prayers. Deco is essentially an extension of our skincare range, that works at treating our skin concerns whilst also giving giving us high quality coverage to cover up some imperfections. The formulation contains NO NASTIES and adheres to the concept of corneotherapy, therefore working with our skin instead of against it. It's absolute MAGIC! For example, the deco foundation plus (liquid) like many of our other skin care products contains our Derma Membrane Structure, meaning its using natural skin mimicking ingredients to replenish our skin; plus 
jojoba oil, squalane, castor oil and pigments. Essentially that means its actually helping to treat your concerns whilst you wear it, now if that isn't some kind of crazy, fairy tale magic than i don't know what is... but i'll take it!!! 

....and the best part is, that isn't even the best part! Dermaviduals recognizes that every individual skin colour and tone is completely different, and can't be put down to 4 standardized shades. So the foundation is actually custom blended by one of our experienced skin therapists or our beautiful receptionist Melanie, right in front of you, to ensure that you have your perfect colour match! Endlessly searching for the right shade is a thing of the past! 
But I'm sure your thinking.... "Okay sounds great, but in terms of make up products, surely there isn't much variety...?" WRONG! There is heaps of different products available, so you're still able to enjoy all your make up looks without having to worry about compromising your skin you've worked so hard to keep healthy! 


The deco range provides; 
- Liquid Base Foundation 
- Loose Powder in Bronze, Beige and Translucent 
- Liner in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black 
- Lip Liner in Red/Brown 
- Cover and Conceal (essentially a green concealer stick) 

There is SO much about the Deco range that you just have to love! It's helps to treat our skin, as well as make as look/feel beautiful. Its customized to our individual colour and aids in our skins natural moisturizing ability. Its almost too good to be true. 
Come find this AMAZING dermaviduals deco range in clinic today! We absolutely can't wait for you to fall in love with it just like us :) 

By Brigitte Gwynne - Dermal Therapist  

Suzanne Smedley