Makeup that is GOOD for your skin!

Makeup is something a lot of us wear daily, but strangely it is not something many people consider as part of their skincare or home-care routine. Most of us use makeup to cover concerns and although these products may be masking these blemishes, most of the time they are contributing to making them worse, as they are filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients that are not found in the skin. Silicones, preservatives and emulsifiers just to name a few.

Think about this.. if you are applying something on your face, whether it be daily or even occasionally, don’t you think that over time this would have an affect on your skin? And be something you should choose a little more wisely? Well the answer is YES, it most definitely does have an affect on your skin! And you most definitely should be considering your makeup as a vital part of your skincare routine.

Our Dermaviduals Base Foundation Plus, or better known as, Deco, is best described as a treatment foundation. "What on earth is a treatment foundation?!" I hear you ask. Well, it is a foundation that actually works to not only provide you with coverage, but actually help TREAT your skin concerns whilst wearing it! And the benefits don’t just end here!


One of the many other benefits of this foundation is that it is designed to be like a second skin. Like many of the other Dermaviduals products, the deco foundation contains key components of what is called DMS. This stands for Dermal Membrane Structure, and without confusing you too much, DMS is made up of a bunch of skin-identical or skin-mimicking ingredients that allow the products to not only replenish the skin, but work to repair your skin barrier (your skin’s first line of defense) back to it's optimal level of health. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never heard of another foundation or even product that can do that!



Some of the other key ingredients you’ll find in the deco foundation are Vitamins C, E and jojoba oil. Both vitamins C + E are great anti-oxidants, meaning they act as free-radical scavengers and repair damage within the skin caused by factors such as stress, sun damage, UV exposure, smoking, some medications, exposure to technology and even damage from air-conditioner or heating devices. It’s seriously scary how many free radicals we are exposed to on a daily basis! And if you didn’t know already, free radicals are a mass contributor to premature-ageing, so knowing you are protected from these daily through your makeup is a huge help!

Vitamin E helps to increase hydration and improve elasticity, it is also a great anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C is a tyrosinase inhibitor, which means it actually works to stop melanin production within the skin, reducing your risk of developing pigmentation. Vitamin C also increases collagen production and strengthens your collagen strands.

Now don’t freak out if you are someone with an oily skin thinking that because this foundation contains jojoba (or extra) oil, that it won’t be right for you. The high quality jojoba oil used in this formulation is sebum (oil) IDENTICAL; it is in fact the closest thing to your skin’s natural sebum, so it won’t cause your skin to breakout. Instead, it acts as a protector and gives a smooth glide for the perfect application.


So not only can you be rest assured knowing that this makeup is in fact improving your skin whilst wearing it, you can also be certain you’ll find your exact colour as they are custom blended from scratch! Yep, that’s right, say goodbye to never finding your perfect colour match as we literally custom blend your foundation to match your exact skin tone, or any tone you desire for that matter! And for those of you who like to wear fake tan on your bodies, we can even create your perfect match to your tan for when you go out too!

How we do this is by adding natural pigments of yellow, red and black with white. The deco foundation bases come to us in straight pigment of white, we then add different quantities of each pigment to find your perfect shade. Within a matter of minutes, we will whip up your foundation ensuring all the pigments are mixed together for your very own shade!

All measurements of each quantity are then kept on your file so they will be ready to go for your next bottle! We can even tweak your shade to be slightly darker if you are someone who gets a bit of colour over summer, and vice versa in winter. Dermaviduals do have tester shades that are already made up with recalculated quantities of each pigment, and some clients find that these straight tester shades can be a perfect match too!

Deco Foundation.jpg


The deco foundation is a smooth, dewy, velvety finish. It is a lightweight liquid, with a buildable coverage. They are $89 per bottle, and will last you anywhere between 2-4 months depending on how often and how much you use it.

If you are someone who prefers a matte finish, you can pair it with any of the Dermaviduals talc-free finishing powders over the top, this will also give you a fuller coverage. These are available in transculent, light beige and light bronze.

For someone who is after a lighter finish, you can even just use the powders on their own. Dermaviduals also offer a range of blushes in shades light rose, pink red or light apricot which is a bronze finish.


If you are interested in making the switch to a clean makeup that will actually help your skin, call us on 5916 1123 to organise your complimentary colour match today!

Watch the video below to see our custom blend deco foundation in action!

Suzanne Smedley